Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days of Pink, Day 3

To me, the whole point of eating is to nourish yourself, not fill yourself up with something quick and cheap. Pretty much everyday, I make up something new when I'm cooking, never sure how it'll turn out but I haven't been disappointed yet! Today I made spaghetti topped with sauteed red bell pepper with baby portabella mushrooms, dressed with balsamic vinegar. YUM!!! :D Balsamic vinegar is said to be a cancer fighter! Also an energizer, anti-bacterial, and strengthens the bones! Red bell peppers have more vitamin c than an orange and are one of the highest antioxidants, and portabella mushrooms are also a cancer fighter and are high in potassium. So think that next time your tummy is grumbling, and treat your body with love!

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